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At Motive Lending we strive for a successful partnership that is second to none.  It is for that reason
we will notify you when one of your previous clients is  looking to refinance or possibly purchase
another home.
We all know what typically happens when a wholesale lender receives a lead - they send it to their
retail channel and try to retain the client!  Not Motive.  We are 100% committed to the success of
our brokers.  We will not reach out to borrowers through any retail channel.  We will not compete
with you!  This lead is yours, for you to use to find the best possible loan option for the borrower.
Through LoanLead we hope to continue our strong standing relationship that will keep both of us
growing for many years to come.  
It was your LOAN, now it's your LEAD!
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Net escrows
.50 BPS off conforming balance pricing
.125 BPS off high balance conventional pricing
Opportunity to close more loans!
Applicable for Refinances only